Smooth plastic bass-sound

Anyone have any tips making a smooth, mellow, plastic, synth bass-sound? Like you can hear in some 80’s songs. I don’t have any example to give, but I hope you get what I mean.

Ok, I found an example right after I posted this:

Don’t mind it’s in swedish, you hear the bass right off the bat.

Maybe you mean the famous “lately bass”? That’s probably even more 90s though.

Maybe you mean the famous “lately bass”? That’s probably even more 90s though.

MGF from the watmm forum multisampled it, maybe still online here;…eGY2Yy1pZDg5RFk

Posted14 February 2017 - 12:21 AM

i picked up a yamaha DX11 yesterday 1f603.png :Dthe lately bass preset is one of the most famous and immediately recognisable synth sounds ever, a staple of 90s dance pop, it’s a super juicy and plummy sound. i comprehensively sampled it chromatically with 3 layers of velocity in 96khz. all wave files have pitch information embedded in them so that your sampler can figure out the root pitch automatically.

download from my drive here:…eGY2Yy1pZDg5RFk

ableton users can use this preset for sampler (just point ableton to the folder of wave files when you load it, then re-save)…YWtSNGhRZ2tDSTA


@Robbie S, Ah… doesn’t sound like the lately bass then. I don’t know if there’s a special name for this (not that I’ve heard of, but I’m not an aficionado). I’d try different kind of synth basses, and then apply a LP or HS filter with resonance at cut-off. Probably keytracking the cut-off too.