Smooth Retrigs? (like Automating Loop Points)

I hear this effect all the time, and its wicked sweet, but so far I can only do an approximation in renoise. Its basically a smooth speeding up/slowing of a retrig. I emphasis smooth because the

… trick lacks the continuous increment I’m looking for.

any ideas of how to achieve this? did I just miss something in the help guide?
I do have a vst called “copyshop” by shuriken that does the job but its kind of finicky to automate.
I could also crank the hell out of the BPMs and make my patterns super long, but thats a bitch.

well I’m not totally sure what you mean, but you could make it with like a massive bpm and save it as a sample? that way you could keep your original bpm, and just use that when you want that sample.

Working with x2 or even x4 BPM works. It’s a matter of lining up the notes with their respective distances. :)

Would anyone be so kind as to upload a example of the effect in question because it sounds intriguing?


I think he means the dfx bufferoveride effect, when you use an lfo in the vst to control ‘retrigger’ speed, in renoise as a workaround you could simulate this by automating the bpm/speed setting through patterncommands (and then render to .wav for later use)

But, why the hassle when there are a bunch of vst’s that could probably do this easily through automation?

what would be a good vst to do this?

being able to automate the instrument parameters such as loop point in renoise would be way cool.

if this sound is what i think it is (like a bouncy ball gradually bouncing lower and lower and faster each time), i do it in max/msp with a looping patch and then sample it.

Well, as I mentioned in my original post, there is a vst called copyshop which does exactly what I want, but it is tricky to automate it.

Thats exactly what it is (like the song “bucephalus bouncing ball” by aphex twin)

Why bother using any of the pattern effect commands then?

I hate using automation, its annoying translating the horizontal view to the vertical tracker view.

If I remember correctly, psycle had an option to have smooth interpolation between pattern effect commands.

Automation is imho a lot easier way to interpolate from start till end than using pattern commands.
Also Automation is not limited to values of 256 or 15 which pattern effect commands are.
I don’t say they are rather useless in productions but they are just simply limited and produced to be compatible to older tracker formats (so that they could be imported).
And the limitation also means that there is not much room to add new commands (since almost every command prefix has a function) but there is no room to change command behavior without affecting older productions that relied on old command behavior.
Psycle is a different brand of production. I currently have no idea if you can import older formats and how Psycle deals with that or what range of effect commands they have.

There is one way to extend Renoise commands and that is to go where trackers like Impulse tracker went (going all the way from A to Z as command prefix).
However this is going to cause confusing matters around the hexadecimal and decimal parts of Renoise.
(no consistency )

Well, thats my point exactly, the pattern commands are limited as they currently only do discrete step values.
If something like whats in psycle was implemented, we wouldn’t have to rely on the mouse to do (smooth) automations:

"Tweaking a machine from the pattern is changing the value of its knobs to
another one.
This way, you can control the machine in realtime (playback).

To do so, you use the TWEAK command. You see it like “twk” in the note Row.
You can also use the TWEAK SMOOTH command. It is displayed as “tws” in the
note Row.

“tws” differs from “twk” in the manner that “tws” smoothly alters the parameter
from it’s CURRENT position to the position during the time of one line in the
pattern; “twk” happens instantaneously. “twk” is useful for parameter changes
and initializing knobs at the beginning of your songs, and uses very little
overhead; “tws” is usefull for smooth filter sweeps, fades, swells, etc, as it
essentially sends an interpolated twk command every 64 samples."…cs/tweaking.txt

The automation system right now seems very untracker-like, but the limitations on the pattern commands you mentioned do make it useful. I think a smooth tweak option would keep renoise even more keyboard oriented (and would allow for bouncy ball effects :) )
I don’t think psycle has like smooth tweaking for the retrig command though, which is what I want.


i’m soooo with you. for years i want a possibility for smooth retrigger-commands in renoise but seems like almost impossible to do. at least with the built-in tools, which is very sad.

anyone knows a nice vst for mac os, doing the trick?

copyshop is the only free one I know of:

It works pretty well. I would like to see smooth tweaks in renoise at some point.