Smoother automation

can you add a smoothing option for the automation in the track envelopes? the 16th steps are very noticeable and sound realy not good on cutoff automations for example. i would like to see a much higher resolution for thtat plz.

Have you had a look at the hermite curve envelopes in v1.2 (w.i.p.)? Would that solve your problem?

hmm yea, its a bit better, but the 64 16th notes of a pattern are still noticeable, its not smooth enough

So you are saying that the resolution of the curve is that of notes in a pattern? I am sure it is higher than that… coders?

its not, atleast in 1.11 … make an envelope and set speed to 60bpm and ticks to 12 and then try playing … sounds awful.

the envelopes are processed per tick right now. as a workaround you may set the speed to 03 …

perhaps there should be a control “Send rate: XX” to control how often parameters are sent with the line and curve mode? At least down to per tick accuracy.

well, why not set the internal tick resolution to 768 and then with the hermit curve it should sound fine i think.