Snap To Markers In Sample Editor

I had originally started posting this in Bugs and Help as I didn’t think it worked at all. On checking again I’ve found it does snap to markers (in the sample editor) but you do have to be pretty accurate before it snaps.

Not too bad I guess and playing about, using the Shift+Click to select seems to help a little bit (better than right-click dragging I found.) Still part of me feels that it should snap sooner on this setting. For example, on Snap To 09xx Command you can only select chunks the size of 09xx slices, no matter what zoom level you are set to.

More than this what I would like to see if a double-click between two markers to select just that one slice, triple-click to select whole waveform. I would like to see this on other Snap settings as well please.

I personally think the snapping threshold for slices is pretty spot-on. It will snap to the nearest marker when the mouse cursor is within about 10 or 11 pixels of it. How would you change it if you could? Just a few extra pixels, or a lot more?

CTRL + Double-click

Simply double-clicking or hitting CTRL + A to select all works just fine doesn’t it? Triple-clicking sounds like overkill to me.

Well for one I think the continuity between snap for 09xx and for Markers is very strange! Why should one by completley confined to the snap positions, the other one force you to be pretty damned accurate?

Although this is the missing gold! With this I think I can pretty much be happy. :)

That was only with double-clicking being select a section (like Alt+double-click does, as you’ve just told me.) Think of a text editor: Nearly all have single-click=set cursor; double-click=highlight whole word; triple-click=highlight whole line/paragraph. It would be very similar behaviour to many, many other systems, but with knowing Ctrl+double-click not really needed.