Snare Enhancement Using Lfo.

Track one is the focal point here. Basically, if you want a nice smooth snare enhancement, create a sends track with a reverb…set it up how you want. Then on the drum loop track (this is pretty much for drum loops only), create a sends device and set it to 0 send and keep audio, then create an LFO with a custom lfo shape out of points. Then simply set it up so that it controls the sends amount and edit the lfo automation so that it’s maximum on the snares and drop it back to 0 right after the ‘snare beat’.

It will make more sense in the song. Again, track 1 has all of this shown.

Hopefully, someone gets some use out of this.

Haha, that is a hell of a lot of work for something which you could do by just making another track and layering a different snare.

10/10 for effort though.

Interesting to see the LFO device is being used in some cool ways recently!

Maybe someone should make a thread listing ways in which the LFO device can be used…

so essentially you are using the device to control a send level here… Nice idea.

Overkill for something like snares which you just need to layer up for this effect, but would be good for other elements!

Love this tip!!

I’ve been messing about using different effects on the send channel like delay and distortion and even muting the source and rendering the send track to sample for layering up into new loops…

nice tip,thanx for sharing

using the lfo device to modulate the delay time …hhhhhmmmmmm

turn the feedback up to 100% and play with the send and mute src to get some ridiculous glitchy effects.

Of course you can always use pattern commands for turning bypass on/off, but that’s just a lazy mans workaround (as I am).