Snare Sample Cds


Any of you have any Snare/Hit sample cds? And if so, which ones are the good ones?

I need something that doesn’t sound acoustic, mind you. It should be a little “strange”… Hard to explain… Hits that doesn’t sound like snares or claps, but still can be used as snares/hits anyway.

Any suggestions?

PS: I know i can search the net, but I’ve done that before, and i’ve got hundreds of snares and hits, but I need something new and fresh, and something with good quality!

like you said, there is plenty to be found on the net

If you’ve got hundreds of snares already, why not invest a few days in manipulating those in wav editors with vst whatever and/or make your own?

I find an easy way to get some synthetic sounding snares is playing with short sample loops & the instr.evelopes section in renoise.

i posted this last week, maybe it still is up…


ps. oh duh… its up, its my own filehut.