Snares Tonight In Gent Belgium

So any renoisers planning to come ( except for aaron himself ) ?
If so …see you there ( I am the tall thin guy surrounded by all the beautifull women ) :drummer:

ha, shit, als ik dat geweten had! :(

Does he hate America or something? Hes always touring over there…Wish I could go. Huge snares fan.

“if i only knew about that!” <— ?

dutch looks to me like a funny mashup of swedish and german. (=

would be nice to go and see snares!

hope you guys have a great show,post here about how it turned out :drummer:

Of COURSE HE HATES AMERICA… HES CANADIAN! lol! jk. Im frm Winnipeg myself, i’ve seen him so much im ACTULLY sick of his face. nah jk, YOU KNW WE LOVE YOU AARON! You guys down in the us arnt deprived, you have Stunt Rock and Doormouse


Yes actually. He does.

I did get to see him play in San Fransisco a few months ago though { -_-}\m/

He rocked the house.