Snickers Vs. Nestle Crunch Vs. Kitkat

nice free Snickers Vs. Nestle Crunch Vs. KitKat at Link

  • you have to enter your email address to start offer redemption

Yay! Free poison!


Perhaps it’s time to upgrade the forum to something newer/better (ie. not from 2002)? A forum package with a challenge/response thing on the signup page - where you have to enter the distorted characters encoded in an image to prove you’re not a robot - would be absolutely great and would stop all these spamming idiots from polluting the place with their automated scripts.

Blearrrgh! :(

mhh, I think its that bad yet. we had only like four of them overall. :)

btw, did you get the mail I sent you before christmas with all those suggestions for glitch ? never got an answer and didnt think about it until this moment. :D

Four too many :D

And yep, I just looked in my inbox and I did get your email. As usual I simply forgot to reply… d’oh. I’ll try and do that soon.