Snippet: Load Scala .Scl Tuning File

You can put slice markers on top of each other at the exact same spot in the sample editor, thought this would maybe enable triggering the same sample on different keys at different tunings, but that doesn’t seem to work, or I;m doing something wrong?

makes sense +1

(Old thread resuscitation)

Huh, that’s a clever idea, I hadn’t thought of that. But yeah, looks like it won’t work because when you try to put a slice on top of another slice, it just comes out blank.

By the way, I started a thread on tuning features for Renoise, complete with mockups. I want to get serious about a practical solution. If you have any ideas or are just curious you should drop by:

If any of the ideas there become reality, I’ll probably be using dblue’s Lua snippet for a retuning script. And then it will be Christmas every day.

Does work, just make sure you enable it to play after the end of the slice rather than being limited to within the boundaries. Button just to the right of the percentage dropdown for the auto-slicer.

bump. Renoise features ready for expansion on this idea.


Actually, please make it possible to fine tune to a hundreth (or at least tenth) of a cent so it’s possible to work with the beat that’s created between frequencies that are really close to each other.

This reminds me I should point out that I made a tool that makes use of dblue’s .scl import script, get it here:

Works in v3 but will need auto upgrading, I will properly update it eventually but I’m hoping there will be proper sample aliases before v3 goes final (fingers crossed)