[Snippets Time!] (Post Music You're Currently Working On)

James Brown is Dead remix I’m currently working on :


used VSTi : Massive,Sylenth1,Minimoog
used VSTfx : apQualizr,Sidekick,CamelPhat,MDA Stereo,Akai Rotator,Elephant + a lot renoise native fx

My first post here, so Hi! :)

Trying my go at some kind of techno with lots of shuffle, I guess. I must confess I listen a lot to 2562/A Made Up Sound, Kondens and the whole 3024 label. Any critique or comments are welcome :)

So it’s uh, 707 samples and loving the FX button in the sample editor, and a chord stab made on a Evolver Desktop and more loving the FX button in the sample editor. + the TAL-Elek7ro VST for the bass…



Learning Maschine <_<

Justin Timberlake - My Love (Roppenzo’s Dubstep Refix)



Currently working on this indie-pop tune! :)

Nice remix!

Here’s a whole mix of them. :)