So Can Someone Recommend Me A General Music Production Forum?

I’ve been producing for a little while, dipping in and out of forums (this one, DOA, DSF to name a few…)learning abt Dubstep, Drum and Bass and general tracking tomfoolery…

anyways i want to look at how to produce some more “mainstream” music so to speak… Looking to do some recording with a band i know…

umm ive been looking around Gearslutz which has got pretty close whith its Hip Hop section, but if anyone knows of ones which they have found to be reliable, and with good info in the past, then it would be much appreciated.

Back in the day, was great, it is now The signal-to-noise ratio isn’t as good as it used to be before the change, though.

Occasionally post on KVRAudio if I have general questions but again a lot of gumph you have to work through.

This one use to be called the big blue lounge,
huge portion of apple users, most of the info is completely crossplatform.
it has since changed it’s name to

This one is good, the forum itself is kind of hard to read though.
I find myself being led to articles they write all the time.

and always this one:

I find there don’t tend to be many production forums for traditional music, as traditional musicians tend to record in expensive studios and ship their tracks off elsewhere to get them mastered. It’s the home market that’s taken off with actually sharing the typically close guarded information on sound production, and the home market seems to excel at making electronic music.

That said, you can learn all you need to know about the art from almost any forum on the topic. It’s all in what you ask ;)