So how do I get into this bitcoin thing?

…And is it likely that it could pay for the Manley Vari-Mu I want? :)

buy a shitload of graphic cards and start mining

or just go to work, get salary, buy bitcoins and start trading. mining is quit difficult novadays.

Cool, thanks!

Thanks, yes ofcourse you are :)
I think it creates cognitive dissonance and people often react to this by acting against any new information which contradicts what they take for granted and thus “know must be real” and thus are comfortable with.

Young people who have not spent to many years living and thus do not “just know” and take for granted that the world must be in a certain way, as well as musicians and artists tend to be more open to new ideas because in order to be creative you must be open to new ideas.
Thus they tend to be able to handle cognitive dissonance better than the average Joe.

Who knows? If the adoption continues which is very likely it will probably gain 2-5x in value or more the coming year but it can also go down.
So don´t exchange more than you can afford to lose.
A way to invest is to invest a certain sum. If value increase x% say 25% exchange the sum you invested back into fiat but keep the 25%. That way you are not really taking any risk of losing anything any more.

This shows the price as logarithmic chart instead of linear. A log scale gives a more true perspective as it shows for example that the increase in value from $1 to $32 was a bigger increase, (32x) than the last increase from $150 to $1200 (which was a 9-10x increase in value).

If you want to follow adoption and news of bitcoin.
bitcoinpulse blog
blockchain wallet users accounts

Don´t keep bitcoins on thirdparty services like exchanges. Some even though they look really good will turn out to go away.
If you are able, print a paperwallet on an offline computer and store them on that paperwallet, you might even want to put it into a bank account to keep it safe from fire or burglars.

of my god.
you just really are a bunch of fucking douchebags.

of my god.
you just really are a bunch of fucking douchebags.

Thanks for your help. :)