So My First Release Comes Out Today

seems apt to let you guys know as a fellow renoiser.

would appreciate what you guys thought, very dj friendly liquid drum and bass. I think they both have kinda nice unique vibes to them though, especially ‘Inner City’. Anyways if you enjoy it grab them! Or send me a pm persuading me why i should give it to you for free.

Beatport link
Juno link
iTunes link

congrats! nice tunes!

Sounds great ! Would you mind to share some of the secrets you used to create these two tunes? Equipment etc. ? : )

thanks guys!

what aspects were you wondering about? I don’t think i did anything different from the norm when making these tunes… most of the sounds created are from free ware synths, such as Tal elek7ro in Precision, although i did use z3ta in inner city for the progressive chords

Hey guys, just a little update with the release. Iner city has got to no.3 on the dnb chart at trackitdown. Maybe we can push it to no.1?! ;)

Really enjoyed the tracks. DnB is a genre that I fail at so I can appreciate it when it’s done well. :walkman:

Also, do we just listen to and rate your track to make it more popular on trackitdown?

Im sure it can’t hurt to rate it higher, but i’m pretty sure its based on sales.

Got to no.1 for about half a day but then Metal Headz and RAM both released tunes lol which overtook it. Ah well good whilst it lasted