So This Type Of Thing Is What Everybody Was Using

hey everyone im a newly registered renoise licensee. greetings to all!

i just wanted to say that trackers have made my life more interesting for the past month or so. i originally bought an AWE64gold and used an older tracker called AST to learn on. btw i have an extra AWE64 and AWE32 if anyone wants one… anyway i must say what a novel way to work! this is how all those IDMers did their trix… sneaky bastids! ;)

by all definitions, i am a tracker n00b, but i have been using music software for a long time. i simply felt that it was time for a change, and now that i took a look at what trackers really are, i admit i am impressed. naturally i ended up here, the culmination of all trackers… i assume, anyway.

the climb to assemble a system just for my AWE64gold was a learning process in its self, and now i have that old school sound at my fingertips literally! it was so cheap, just needed to find some hidden products. the wait was excruciatingly delicious… to think this is what junglists used back in 94, the heyday of jungle imo. it all makes sense now! :w00t:

im curious, who is a convert here, and what do you like better about trackers? is everyone still using protools/nuendo/reaper etc as well as renoise?

who is a hardcore tracker from the start? how long has it been? what made you stay a tracker? :lol: i love the name ‘tracker’ sounds like youre crocodile dundee or something.

what is the earliest known tracker, when, and what were its capabilities?

what do you consider a contemporary product to renoise?

ok, 20 questions. sorry. guess ill get down to the nitty and attempt a first project now.



Cheers and welcome, glad you made it. :)

I never did much with non-tracker audio software so I can’t really compare. I like making the beats and melodies, it’s very quick and that helps a lot with keeping the creative juice flowing. I also love the panels, much better than pushing windows around… and I don’t even use 10% of the keyboard shortcuts, mind you!

I’ve used protracker on floppies to listen to modules in ‘91/92’, but everything we did with it besides that wasn’t more than mixing sound fx, and it never occured to me to write music… I just loved (!) to rip modules and look at them. In 1997, after I had caved in to PCs, I got a hold of FastTrackerII, and kept making simple music with it for a few years, but I hardly ever finished anything.

Then Renoise came a long, and finally everything made sense :lol:

I’ve been using trackers since 1993 (Startrekker on Amiga). Can’t really use anything else, as I’ve learned everything a know about composition on trackers.

I’m always learning and improving (I hope) my approach to composition and my usage of trackers.

I like above all the flexibility of trackers: people using these kind of
applications compose everything from IDM to classical music.

Welcome aboard, and I wish you a comfortable, long and exciting trip!

Welcome! :)

Greets to PL on call. Be sure to check out the Song Forum to hear some interesting crafty musics!

And remember, even though we all love Renoise here, it’s how you use the tool, not what the tool is.

hmm well i think its a combination of whats possible with the gear, and the creative spirit of he who is in the drivers seat. i think also that a sense of aesthetics and flow are what makes good music… but certainly the tool is important. the tool must facilitate the tricks of the trade so to speak. although it is possible to achieve the same result using many techniques, i prefer to go with the most direct path.

one thing i would like to see implemented however, is rewire. it would make mixing technologies easy.