So, When Is 1.9 Coming Out?

It’s very likelly that the warez groups will release it before the developers. It’s a matter of days really… :)

I don’t think so. As there are only 2(?) devs, one of them must be real nuts to wareze it.

So far those who warezed it (or published it by recklessness) had an official license which got terminated once discovered. I would find it quite funny to find a fake prerelease on the peer to peer networks though.

…when the beatslicer is ready ;)

are you guys being serious?
i dont mean to offend anyone, but this is spose to be music makin time.

not starting all these ‘pressure threads’.

okay okay, so i’m not makin music at the moment, but i am bored at work, so there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1.9 isn’t coming out until nibbles is ready.

Choice has spoken. Go make some tunes to impress me.

Good tunes are the best imaginable advertisement for Renoise period… just make sure to point out the fact that you used Renoise (and loved every second of it :D).

More people buying Renoise => chances of development increase, simple as that.

I thought Nethack would be included? It’s a lot deeper game than noobbles (if you don’t die by eating a poisened corpse at level 2 as I did last time).


it seems my post was taken a little bit too much to heart. Apologies for that.

As it happens, I downloaded Reaper today at work as I had to record and sequence a huge long speech.

My god that style of audio software sucks so much ass. I felt like I needed a shower at the end of the day. Yuck.

So, renoise is ace in its current form, of course. I was just eager for updates, as I am sure you all are!