Social Garbage

hm, the distortion is very heavy on the ears which is good and bad. i personally like a little bit of noise in this type of music but i would have tried to mix it a little bit cleaner so that for example the synth at 1:17 was more recognizable because i’m sure that it sounds nice and would have given the song a little bit more dynamic but it’s reduced to background noise.
other than that it’s okay. it has a nice techy sound, a certain ring in the high frequencies that i like.

what really cought my attention tho was the part at 1:50. with a clean kick and a little bit of tweaking it could sound like some of Go Hiyama’s fast paced techno stuff.

I thought I made Guantanamo torture music :blink: , nah…pretty tight, though much too intense for my current mental state :) .

Hey mystmyst ! This track has a very strong potential, however, to reveal this potential, I wouldn’t have exactly mixed it this way. I’ve tested it on several playback systems. And whataver I do that’s a bit the same problem here. The volume of higher frequencies noises is simply too high, and those frequencies, once distorted & excited, are taking so much space, that the other interesting aspects of your music are somehow muffled. Even your kick & bass/bassline, that are crazy, are on a low-level perception, with or without headphones. If you try to lower those excited high feqs with an EQ10 before the usage of something like a “multiband compression system” you’ll see that the overall mix will stay noisy, distorted & agressive, but better balanced.

Thank you for your comments and your advice. However the main aim was to provide extreme garbage & trashed tonal characteristics as does the title of the song without specific genre and tonal guidelines
The harsh & muffled sound is the challenge for the listener to find out what is really behind…
The songs I did not have a specific tone and genre . For example, listen …

Just do what you do, every other version except the first one is boring. </personal opinion>

I agree!

some good ideas but distorsion could be better handled. like it is it sound a bit like overdistorsion pushed to the max. noisy texture is a bit more complex
the mixdown could also been better has there is too much high. power is in the bass even with the harshness