Social Impact Of Lofimat

Surprizingly putting the built-in effect “LofiMat” on the master channel visely and editing the parameters Very narrowly (at 13-16 bit, ajusting the Quality slide slightly more) with an LFO brought out amazing reactions of approximately 4 of 5 semi-professional musicians and they could not imagine the “recipe” how i made it sound so ‘modern’ and ‘bright’…

a different LofiMat on some overcompressed drums with a little bit “worse quality” setting can also come in handy.

it’s just weird…


I remember the first tip Renoise gave me: LOFIMAT ROCKS

i’m a fan of using a touch of lofi mat on an overdriven signal as a soft distortion.

LofiMat in mastering? Hmm, I don’t think I can come to this party. :(


level overdrive final insert magic attractive terror :unsure:

Many old samplers (AKAI, etc) were 12-bit and often running at max sample rates of around 32khz. Using the Lofimat and other similar bit-reducing effects can get your track sounding almost like it was produced on those pieces of slightly outdated hardware, giving it that subtle, crunchy edge. Some people prefer that slightly degraded quality to the sound, for other people it’s simply a psychological trick which reminds them of their first sampler, many people even argue that it gives the track an almost vinyl-like quality. Either way it can a very effective technique.

Put a little dirt in your tracks, kids! :D


Daft Punk use(d) 12-bit drums for years.

This however really illustrates the simple fact : “Judge by your ears, not your brain.” If you stuff sounds cool with a lofimat on the master-channel, go with it.

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Just tried it on some old tracks I made and I agree…they do sound much brighter, in a way that EQ can not create. Thanks for the tip…I’m finding that setting the LoFi per-song without LFO is the best way for me…

usually between 10 and 16 bits and 75-100% quality. generally 14bits and 82% sounds good to me.

i’m with Foo? in this camp, but i will try it on some songs when i get home just to hear the effect

it can make wonder to drums (especially snares and hats) and some basses…
try it on strings too if you wanna go boardsofcanada :D

more like try it on the master track

I’ve been using this for snares and hats a few times, gives a funny crisp sound that I can’t quite emulate in any other way.

Lofimat <3

LofiMat loves ALL of yu soooooooooooooo muchh!! I hav no Words & was almost thingkin everyone is against Me here BUT GIVE ME HOPE!! Dank ihr seidzz wahre EHRE & I have some BEATZZ in my Ärmelzz which will make some of the bad Doodzz look really bad - TRUST ME & All Renoise only off courze! :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for the tip!

I think its the nostalgia psychology to a large effect. Reminds them of their youth days - underground hip-hop, house, dnb - what made the sound was lofi samplers and 4track cassette recorders.

I think it is also why many prefer analog film photography, including me, because it just looks like it looked when I was young and world was more magical, fantastical. :partying_face::night_with_stars:

The transparent digital clarity is too close, too real, too boring. Paradoxically it is the distance - noise, lofi - that helps to appreciate the thing.


with seemingly fewer dickheads running the show? :thinking:


Looooveeee youuu Guuuuyyzzzz!!!:star_struck::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cupid:

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