Sodiufas - Shhh..

You describe my thoughts about this. Thank you )

btw, xrns available -


it´s an absolutely atmosFEARic and amazing wall of sound, noise and bits of melody! really well done…atm i´m listening on my dumb laptop-speakers but tomorrow i´ll try with my monitor-speakers…

i guess some who like that track woud be happy having some 320kp mp3-file… ^_^

grx: d

I would!

Why do you all disable downloading in Soundcloud. :(



Really great track BTW, exactly my kind of stuff. :)

THANK YOU for opening the mp3-dl.

grx: d

and btw…i find the tracking of this song…impressive…you got so much values automatet in ONE track, like i´ll never do in my life… ^_^ GREAT WORK!

Thanks guys. Nice feedback here, i’m really appreciate it. Didnt expect that someone will like this track, so its suprised me a lot )


Yeah really nice vibe!