Soft Knee For Gate Dsp

I dunno, am i the only one using the gate dsp for vocals? As is, if there is a subtle transition from quiet to loud, the sound “kicks” in as it crosses the threshold, and it’s really quite nasty.

Is there a way to get some kind of soft knee “attack” and “decay” on the gater? By this i mean a gain “curve” from the point where the sound crosses the threshold to a point where it has gone far enough past it

  1. Sound is below gate threshold
  2. Crossing gate threshold, volume is still at 0
  3. Sound moving further past threshold, volume increasing
  4. Sound reaches “peak” of attack curve, sound is at input volume
    same process in reverse for release

Am i being clear here? It’s hard to describe :)

You are more than clear, as I recall, the gate is more or less broken. :) Imho it doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to. There are probably some nice variants available as free vsts, but I haven’t needed one myself badly enough to find one. :) I’ve noticed though that those who are automatically sensing the dynamic of the material - creating slow fadeins/fadeouts if the original sound variates in amplitude slowly and vice versa - works best musically, so you should find one with that feature.