Solid State Drives - Ocz Agility Series

So I am interested getting one for my desktop and run windows on it and am wondering if anyone of you has experience with them? Worth the investment?

I am looking into Ocz Agility series as I’ve recently seen a very positive review on them.

Still relatively pricey compared to the standard Hard disks, but incomparable regarding speed (…sata_ii_2_5-ssd ).

Now if only Renoise would get Hd streaming :)



Proper speed SSD are overpriced, madly. I did use Compact Flash > Sata adapters and worked ok, especially with SLC models. I’ve used software cache and it’s general solution for cheap SSD models. I believe it’s possible to set up a raid with a couple of 64Gb CF cards and with additional caching it’s going to be a hell of speed and price.

You mean these kind of gadgets?:

Looks at least a cheaper solution and less sensitive.

No, these are too cool, I’ve used next to nothing priced.

Seen people use those, or similar, to use a CF card in the hard drive slot of a MPC.

Wow! I had no idea these were available.
What’s funny is that sandisk are asking $650 for their 64GB cards whereas their competitors are asking half this amount for same write speed!

Taking this on board it looks like this SSD is actually cheaper option

Hmmm. Be nice if I had any money…

Yes i notice insane price differences as well, but i found out you have two types of SSD drivers:
SLC and MLC (Single level cell vs MultiLevel Cell)

Single level cells will have one bit per cell whereas MLC drivers have generally 4.
The advantage of MLC is they are 4 or more times reliable than SLC drives since if one bit fails there are still three to read from.
I guess that is one thing where the price difference depends on.
The other is probably the difference between SATA and IDE, because this difference still exists as well.

I’m not sure about reliability, but SLC write speed = read speed whereas MLC write speed = read speed / 4. Though manufactures used to build internal raid massive to the controllers for MLC to increase their X factor. MLC is cheaper and bigger.

I don’t know about all the technicalities, my geek level only goes that far…but I’ve heard the most recent SSD’s are incomparable to the older versions because of much better ‘controllers’, thats why I also have doubts about the budget solutions. The Agility series take almost full use of the sata II 300 mb/s limit.

The agility in my first post cost around 289 euro for 120 gb which is a lot of money, maybe I’ll wait some more till the prices become more reasonable. An option would also be to go for two 60 gig models and run them in Raid 0.

What do you guys mean exactly with reliability? I’ve heard SSD’s are much more reliable than your standard Harddisks because it doesn’t use movable parts in it.

Hadn’t heard that, and in fact most the figures I have seen for read/write of various SSD drives seems to indicate it’s not the case, but when I was reading up on it quite heavily a year ago the one distinction most people made was reliability (and overall speed to an extent.)

MLC ~ 10,000 wirites
SLC ~ 100,000 writes
per sector.

So theoretically a SLC drive/card should last upto ten times as long.

That’s right. Bad cells goes offline and the disk becomes smaller and smaller. The only dangerous is the firmware. There were early Intel versions with causes total data loss in case of encrypting usage. A lot of SSD by Intel are sold under different TM.

After reading about this, I’m curious if this would be a decent card?

-newegg is pricing it at 58.99USD

From what I can tell it’s using MLC?

bad idea?