solo/mute for every column

solo/mute for every column on a track would be splendid - really - but if I composing complex things with VSTi on one track its unconvenient! I need it to play one or different columns only!

cheers, Alex

you can cut a single column by using CTRL+SHIFT+F3

this way, you can “mute” the columns as needed.

Once done, just UNDO the cuttings.

Not the cleanest solution, but… hey… works! B) :rolleyes:

PS: this method is also good for entire tracks, and is preferable in both cases when you don’t need to unmute anything during play, because you also free CPU power, while muting a track you don’t save CPU power, because the track data is still parsed

actually it would be nice indeed. solo (in track), mute, delete (remove column), and some view order buttons like “<” and “>”. btw, delete and sort buttons would be nice for tracks as well.

It’s not the question how to improvise some features! <_<
I know that I can cut a column and I know there is a UNDO-function … but the topic of this forum are “Ideas & suggestions” … solo/mute for every single column is needed / my Idea & suggestion! :rolleyes:


buttons like “<” and “>” - well, the small arrows are not so comfortable … a nice button-bar in the top of every track - I think a god idea! B)


I did suggest this option to TakTik long time ago. I think is is a “must” have.

It would be nice to be able to reorganize columns and tracks by just drag’n’drop them with the mouse. :)