Solo State Bug in the Lua API?

The following snippet first solos Track 01 then manually unmutes all other tracks. Now all tracks are playing and Track 01 is no longer solo.

However when you print the solo state of Track 01, it reports the solo state still as true:

local song =
--1)set solo state of track 1 to true
song.tracks[1].solo_state = true

--print solo state of track 1

--2) manually set all tracks to unmuted
for track = 1,#song.tracks do
 song:track(track).mute_state = renoise.Track.MUTE_STATE_ACTIVE

--print solo state of track 1 

Sounds like a bug to me. Solo and mute should be two separate things - always.

(Maybe it’s is a special case when all tracks are unmuted that goes bananas? Perhaps a bug inherited from the practicality of how the UI works)

Could it be that the mute state simply has a higher “priority” than the solo state?

I guess it is that the solo property is not updated as other tracks are un-muted. Only devs will know though…