Soloing A Send Track...

Not sure if this is a bug, a deliberate omission, or simply something nobody’s ever discussed/asked for, but workflow when using Send tracks could be greatly improved if soloing them were to also unmute any track whose DSP chain contains a Send device pointed towards them. Soloing seems to work by muting everything but the soloed track, which is left unmuted, so it seems like it might be a very minor tweak to check which tracks ‘belong’ to the soloed Send track and unmute them too.

Current behaviour for hearing e.g. S01’s real output by itself is to unmute everything, then mute all other Sends and all other rogue tracks which are still playing out. Or, of course, soloing the Send track and then plodding through all your tracks to manually unmute anything with a Send device pointed at S01. This is a bit of a pain!

Is this feasible, technically or conceptually? Would it conflict with other stuff?

Cheers :)

I like the idea. It would stop you from wondering where the sound is when you unmute a send track but forget to unmute the tracks it’s receiving. It could be on purpose though.

The mode should be more complex than that. It should also put the send devices in temporary “mute source” mode unless there is multiple sends on the channel which eventually will end on one of the currently unmuted send channels. Unless you do that, the channels with non-terminal sends will also start making sound which is unwanted.

I didn’t think of that; good plan!