[solved] 0e5x Doesn't Behave Like The Other 0e?x

Playing around with the 0Exy command, I got an unexpected result.
The song consists of a short percussion sample played once at 32bpm (F020) and LPB 1 (F101) with different settings for 0Exy:

  • 0E03 and 0E83 cause 4 identical notes
  • 0E[9-F]3 make the repeated notes louder and louder
  • 0E[1-4]3 and 0E[6-7]3 make the repeated notes softer and softer
  • BUT: 0E53 plays only two notes - the original and one repeated (slightly weaker) note.

Am I missing something obvious or where are the last two notes?

(This applies to both 2.1.0 and 2.5b6)

Sorry, got it now. I’m using the printable quick reference, which just states that 1-7 = down, 9-F = up. I wrongly assumed 1-7 and 9-F where some kind of linearly decreasing/increasing value. It’s not.

The status bar gives more information when typing the digit after 0E. “5 = lower volume by 1/2 every tick”

Sorry again, my mistake.