[solved] 2-step granular selection for sample FX column


Using keyboard granular selections only, I haven’t found a way yet to, for instance, delete a sample effect selection without affecting the respective track notes. Is there a way to also granularly select sample effect columns, like the track effect column, in a 2-step manner by using the keyboard only? Thanks for your help.

ALT/SHIFT/ARROWS to select just sub-columns, effects and what not. BTW how do you select stuff as you do in the video?

Yup, flexible selections are working a bit different in note-effect columns than in “normal” effect columns.

And granted - from a user perspective that seems a bit, well, weird.

Note that you can also use “begin/end selection” (CTRL/CMD + B/E) to create granular selections - but of course, it’s not the same thing…

PS: the granular stuff really needs to be added to the Renoise API. Then we could roll our own granular selection shortcuts :wink:

BTW how do you select stuff as you do in the video?

It’s called ‘flexible mark’ and is a new type of selection shortcut which was introduced in Renoise 3.1