[Solved] Argh All My Instruments Have Gone Really Quiet

Encountered my first headscratching problem with Renoise.

When playing a preview of an .xrni or sample in the disk browser at the top of the screen, the sound plays back at normal volume. When I select the insturment/sample and attempt to put it in the pattern, the sound is greatly reduced in volume. It does this whether recording or not. I’ve tried loading up a blank project and the same problem keeps happening.

Any idea what this is? I must have accidently clicked a button somewhere.



Hi, Didn’t you accidentally saved a template song with a lower output under ‘song settings’?

Hi Dr. Drips,

You mean the track headroom setting on song settings? No I’ve tried altering this and it has no effect. Well it makes the sample a tiny bit louder if I reduce it, but nowhere near as loud as the preview sample.

Volume in top left is also up to maximum!

Thanks for the suggestion though :)


Did you check Pre- AND(!) Post-Fader on the master channel? Or you’ve maybe reduced the output level of some device on the master channel.

Hi Bit_Arts, just checked the mixer and yes pre and post are level on 0 across all tracks including the master track. Samples and .xrni instruments are playing back quietly, VST instruments are playing back normally. Infuriating!



Hm, I’d suggest you just upload the XRNS somewhere. Having a look at it might make it easier to find the cause then.


Have you accidentally changed your computer keyboard velocity to a low value?

You can find this setting in the Pattern Editor Control Panel:

It’s the icon that looks (kinda) like a little keyboard, just to the left of the Vol/Pan/Dly toggles.

You should reset this to the default value of “–”

Yeeeeeessssssssssssss!! This is it! I thought I’d tried clicking everything on that row. Hadn’t thought of scrolling the mousewheel.

Thank you to everyone who replied, cheers dblue!