[Solved] Asio Out Is Clipping? (E-Mu 1616M)

I have no clue if this is related to my sopundcard, E-MU 1616m, the ASIO drivers or Renoise, but the problem is that nonclipping audio i send from renoise (ASIO) seems to clip when i look at the Peak Meter in E-MU PatchMix DSP.
Is it possible to prevent this without turning down the volume in Renoise?

coz emu VU meter is reach 0.0dB
Sony VU meter is the same, when the signal reach 0.0 it is say clip!!!
but dont worry that is not clip.

simple workflow, use limiter to -0.1dB and u cant see that red clip indicator again…

I’m not shure if i understand correctly what do you mean by “use a limiter to -0.1dB”?

put a compressor to the master dsp
set the ratio to maximum or limiter function
and set the threshold to -0.1db or else below 0

thats is.

But isn’t that Renoise?
Shouldn’t this setup show no clipping in the PatchMix?

double post or something, net was GOING off and on.

Go to outputs on patchmix, and everything that is selected to mix (orange) select to mon (monitor - green) This is how I use my patchmix, not sure if you use it this way but you can simply turn down the main patchmix main mix level down untill there is no clipping. The volume slider also has an effect on volume on top of the main mix levels with it setup like that also.

Scrap what I just said just took a look at your image. Right click on the asio channel where you add fx (the box thing) and select trim control and use this to trim the volume down till there is no clipping.

Image here to give you an example:

Aha, that should solve my problem, thank you! :)
So basically this trim pot works like the wave out control in Directsound?

Trim control just turns down the volume for whichever channel you need to lower the volume. In your case as you do rendering etc within renoise you are just turning the monitoring volume down to stop the clipping on the patchmix, as it don’t sound to nice when it clips either.

I was just afraid the signal was clipping on it’s way out from Renoise rather than by Patchmix, it wouldn’t be much help if i had to reduce the volume after it’s clipping.
Isn’t it strange that it gains 1-2dB by default before going into the VU-meter? Why would they do that?