[Solved] Automation: Selecting A Point With Mouse, Can'T Delete.

If I navigate with the arrow keys, the points in the Automation window turn pink, with this I can use the Return key to Create/Delete.

Great! Only took me 10 minutes to figure out…

What I was was trying for the first 9 is selecting a point with my mouse and trying to delete it.

Is there a reason why the keyboard navigation and mouse navigation are separate in the Automation window?

If not, can you fix this please?


Isn’t it double click to delete?

did that take you 9 minutes??? :rolleyes:

follow kazakores advise

You sir are correct!

My old age and lack of music making is showing.

Still, workflow wise, I don’t get why the mouse doesn’t move the current naviagation position.

PS: In my quest to figure this out, I read http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Graphical_Automation and didn’t find any delete info. Am I blind?

" Editing with the Mouse

Clicking in the envelope where no point is set will create a new point. Double-clicking on an existing point will remove it. If you click and hold on an existing point then you can drag it around and set a new value. Clicking, holding and moving with the right mouse button will draw a series of points, allowing you to quickly draw a shape. "