[Solved] Bug Found : Bpm !

Hi Renoise Team,

I think that I found a “little” bug in Renoise v2.50 about BPM :frowning: You can test here :

1°) Pattern as default :

  • Beats / min : 120
  • Lines / Beat : 06

2°) In the pattern 00 :

  • None effects.

3°) In the pattern 01 :

  • Track 01 : Effect in the column “F0F0” ( = Beats / min : 240)
  • Track 02 : Effect in the column “F108” ( = Beats / min : 08)

4°) Playing Pattern “00” as default :

  • Beats / min : 120
  • Lines / Beat : 06

BUG !!! BPM Default isn’t good because the pattern takes BPM effects from next pattern !!!

I would like to re-work my XM Musics to XRNS Musics but the BPM bug :frowning:

Thank you for fixing this bug in the next version ?



just insert the right commands in pattern 00. this is not a bug: Renoise will always start playing the song with the BPM values which have been set before you altered them with a Fxxx command, unless of course you set this command at the first line of the first pattern.

why should the command you have put in pattern 01 affect pattern 00, if pattern 01 is played after pattern 00?

edit: note: I know you are talking about the behaviour FT2 has about such kind of scenarios, but I repeat: Renoise’s behaviour makes perfect sense, while FT2’s behaviour is buggy.

Hi It-Alien,

I thank you and I understand your answer but : In fact, my example is a TEST !!! lol ! Ok, this isn’t a bug but imagine the number of my XM Musics who use BPM effects :frowning: For instance, one XM music use BPM effects in each pattern except the first pattern (defaut pattern) so Renoise doesn’t sound correctly… The problem is the following : several BPM effects (slow/fast/normal) in a pattern :frowning:



setting Renoise’s “default BPM” is exactly the same as putting a Fxxx command on the first row of the first pattern in the sequence.

FT2’s “default BPM” is buggy: the result of playing will depend on which was the value of BPM/speed of the last pattern you played before playing the song from start.

what you are asking is to emulate this buggy behaviour in Renoise, but I don’t think this will ever happen; amongst other things, this would be an exception to the concept of “automation following” which is one of the most useful and revolutionary concepts we introduced in Renoise since version 1.8.

Simply open your XM files, put the right commands in the right patterns and save them; don’t expect Renoise to replicate FT2’s bugs because it is not an XM player.

Hi It-Alien,


True. But I am not sure that this is a “buggy”.

I understand, It-Alien but for me it is not logical that Renoise 2 plays BPM effects in the next pattern whereas the BMP default is different for the FIRST pattern. In fact, I think that it is a little bug and if I want to play correctly my BPM in the first pattern, I don’t modify BPM default but I must add BPM effects so that my song plays correctly. Did you make my test on Renoise about first pattern and next patterns about default BPM ? For you, it is “normal” that Renoise 2 saves BPM default as BPM effects in the next pattern because the first pattern hasn’t BPM effect ?

Thank you,


this phrase makes me think that I didn’t understand what you are talking about. could you please publish an XM or XRNS file which shows the problem? I know you have written an example at the beginning of the topic, but according to it I see no bug in Renoise behaviour

How is this buggy?
It’s like this with any automation.
If the first track wouldn’t take BPM value from the first automated change what do you expect the value for the first pattern to be then?

I am sorry but for me, it is a little little bug in Renoise v2.50 ! I know that automation in Renoise works good except loading et playing a .XRNS song who doesn’t take BPM effect as default. The Test file is here :


1°) Pattern 00 : none BPM effect.

2°) Renoise doesn’t save correctly the file with Pattern as default :

  • Beats / min : 120
  • Lines / Beat : 06

3°) Renoise load the file taking the BPM effect in the pattern 01 (without playing the song after the loading).

4°) This file is a test !

Thank you for testing…


PS : I am sure that other Trackers like me don’t find this normal…

hmm i don`t get the point, sry

it`s exactly how it should be imo.

This is all for constant behaviour. Renoise does not save BPM for each pattern separately you see… BPM is ONE global value which can be automated (there is no default value). If you change it somewhere inside the song your BPM is… Changed… you see. You cannot expect Renoise to guess what BPM value you want to have in a pattern if you change it.

So if you need to define any kind of starting values insert a shot pattern (a couple of lines) to the beginning of your song and do it there with pattern commands or automation.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what ViZiON is trying to say (I didn’t at first), hopefully I can help:

  • Create a new song with a BPM of XXX
  • Leave the first pattern empty
  • Add a second unique pattern, and insert a pattern command to change the BPM to YYY
  • Navigate back to the first pattern and manually change the song BPM back to XXX
  • Save the song
  • Reload the song
  • After reloading, the initial song BPM is now YYY based on the pattern command, instead of XXX based on the song’s state at the time of saving

Slightly quirky behaviour, sure, but nothing really strange imho.

If you ask me, any time you are automating stuff in your song, whether it’s DSP effects or BPM, your first pattern should always contain the necessary commands/automations to reset everything to the correct default state.

@ViZiON: get into the habit of setting up your first pattern this way. You only have to do it once per song, afterall, and it’s good practice anyway.


thats true, i always did it like that and afaik its like in every other DAW.

I can finally see what the problem is about, thanks Vision and dblue for clarifying. Vision, honestly your english is not very good, so I’m sorry if I didn’t get what you were talking about.

so basically your problem is that Renoise saves the last entered BPM value as default value. If you want to change the BPM value during the song, you should always set up the initial BPM value at the beginning of the song, as dblue suggested. You should not use default value as a “backup” value, as it is intended to be used only in songs which BPM do not change during the duration.