[Solved] Can'T See Download Links In Backstage Area


Is it me being really stupid or is there something wrong with the downloads on the backstage area main page?

After logging in I can’t see the frame on the top right where the downloads should appear, not even in the .html source file.

I’m on Ubuntu 10.10 with Firefox 4.01 and Chromium 11.0.696.65 (84435) (tried it with both).

Any help would be appreciated!


Missing here too so not just you (WinXP, Firefox 4.)

something big is happening, check it right now ;)

meh. ‘insuffient permissions’ for 2.7 Final (any OS). The sample packs are coming down ok though

Yay I can see it again… but how cruel :wink: : don’t have persmission to download 2.7 (same as above)