[Solved] Columns & Cutting In Advanced Edit

Noticed if I place cursor in the volume column in a tracks pattern, then go to advanced edit select ‘column in pattern’ and then cut.
It removes the note data & all other data also.
I did notice this can all be removed through going into the column and holding down the delete key, this won’t remove the other data,and is the only way of doing this I can see.

Is Vol/Pan/Dly all connected to everything else in the track now?

I was using Wizard Control Program to populate a pattern, and Renoise recorded most if not all the midi data provided, which is awesome.

However removing some of the data seems to be causing issues I guess.

Also, doing this same procedure in the effect column, turns everything to zeros.

Uploaded the file

but just noticed we can attach now. (very cool!)

Ah, I see now why this is like this.

selecting the note now includes vol/pan/dly so we can move all of it around together.

“Column” is the whole note column - note, instrument, vol,pan,delay. If you only want to only trash for example the volume, then select only the volume in the “content mask”.

I’ll just mention that you can “solo” the mask to what ever content by right-clicking on the label…
(because I was removing other ticks from the list one by one for a long time and was really happy when I discovered the right-click-trick :) )

Hey, Thanks Eeter! I was just going to ask that. :)
Thanks Taktik for clearing that up for me, however I’m curious though. Why in the file I uploaded when I cut the effects command column it turns to zeros instead of just completely purging the data like usual? Is this something resident toward how I populated the data?