[Solved] Copy Patterns Between Songs

Hi yall

I seem to have done something to a song of mine, and i´m missing a pattern. I´ve got another version of the song where the pattern is intact, and so I´m wondering if there´s any way to copy pattern between songs?

Open two instances of Renoise, copy from one to the other.

Hmm, that sounds easy enough, but how do i open a second instance of Renoise? Should probably say I´m on OSX and Renoise 2.8

Figured it out, just create another instance of the application and launch it. And if anybody else is wondering about this, i found out that you can´t copy from the matrix view, you have to mark all the notes in the pattern and then copy that.

Thanks! :)

Ah, I posted to the duplicate copy of this thread… d’oh :)

Well, I’ll remove that other thread and re-post my reply here, just for the sake of completeness.

You’ve got a couple of easy options:

  1. Load the song that has the pattern you want to copy. Copy that entire pattern to the clipboard (Ctrl+F4 by default, or use the context menu). Now load the song that is missing the pattern, create a new empty pattern, and Paste.

  2. Open two instances of Renoise and simply copy/paste from one to the other. On Windows you can simply run Renoise twice. On Mac you’ll have to make a physical copy of the Renoise application itself, then open this copy to get a second instance.

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