[Solved] Corrupt .Xrns File Help Help


always for the same problem XRNS corrupted file on Mac OSX.

from file XRNS I could open it on my netbook with linux. But the problem is that there is a crash that occurs on my MacBook (my computer for live). So since I format my macbook, reinstall OSX renoise then I install any VST or AU plug-in to see if the problem just plug in, but the problem does not come from there. because I still have the same crash when I run the file on my macbook.

so I do not understand how a file is XRNS a crash on a system and not the other, in this case

Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 “file XRNS works on this system”


Mac osx 10.5.8 “XRNS the file does not work on this system”

Are you using VST plugins in the file?
And what versions?
The parameters of VST plugins on Linux usually aren’t compatible with those on Mac/Windows.
I also attempted to cross-operate with a song that used the Helix plugin on Windows and the Linux variant, but the Linux variant crashed Renoise.

If you only use internal samples and internal effects -> that should work

I often use AUDIO UNITS

but there is more of VST on my mac, if the problem came of it then it should no longer exist

but yet I still have the same crash

I was actually asking if you were using VST plugins in your Linux edition of your saved XRNS, Linux doesn’t support AU units therefore cannot be a reason for a song saved on Linux to crash on the Mac. (at least it reads like you tried to edit a song you started on Linux on the Mac)
However if you use a VST plugin on Linux of which you also have an identical version on the Mac there is a big chance that the plugin you used on Linux , listens to different parametersets as the exact same plugin on Mac or Windows.

To put it summarized: There is no guarantee that you can cross-load Renoise songs on various platforms if you use VST plugins in them.
The risc is a bit lower between Mac and Windows, but Linux VST’s are limited due to the VST SDK license.

If you however started the song on Mac and used plugins, it wouldn’t crash linux because Linux would not have these plugins, thus Renoise has nothing to load and parametize.
Either way it might be an issue with a certain plugin or parameters for the plugin that is saved with the song that makes Renoise Crash.

In the latter scenario, you could try to save the song under a different name in Linux and reload it back on the Mac, the song is then saved without the VST parameters so will likely load fine.
Then you can figure out which plugin is causing the hassle.

no I do not use VST with linux and I can not is a netbook is not for making music.
And on my mac I think the only ones in use are TAL Reverb, so I’ll open the file XRNS linux remove plug-TAL or others who are not native to Renoise, then change the file name XRNS. I’ll go step by step and I’m okay or just see the problem is already a good start to opening the file xrns on linux and can fix the problem