[solved] Corrupt .xrns, What To Do?


For some reason I cannpt load a project I’ve been working on today. Renoise freezes my computer up (arch linux) and stalls with “loading fodspor.xrns” in the lower left corner.

  1. What can I do to recover my work?
  2. What can have caused this to happen in the first place?

The project is a bit big, about 36M, so let’s see if I can get it right without posting it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Oh forgot to mention: I can extract the song with “unzip fodspor.xrns” without errors, so that part is ok…

Then try rezipping the song.xml and leave out the samples just to see if you can load the song-data itself.
If that works out, slowly add instruments/samples from the other archive to the new one until the shit hits the fan.

It turned out to be an instance of mdaDetune that went bad. A temporary rename of ~/.vst made the thun load with that (the only one used) vst, then I was able to remove it from the tune and resave.

Thanks for the pointers, and the step by step approach. It’s really nice that it’s possible to work with renoises fileformat in this way. I’ll try to keep this in mind the next time panic strikes :slight_smile:

Sounds like mda"Detune" was built to do some other job than expected… perhaps it did not went bad, it just did what you were asking for :P

The only reason I’ll not burst into tears over an evil joke is the fact that I’m too busy loading my now-again-working project :slight_smile:

I shall never make evil jokes if the disaster would have been irreversible .