[Solved] Delay Device Panning Overruling Track Panning?

make a new track and put a note on the first line.
add a delay-device. give it a nice long feedback so you can hear everything clearly. pan bot L+R hard right.
go into the mixer, and pan your track hard left.
press play.

you will hear your sound panned left, then the delayed sound panned right.

shouldn’t the mixer-controls have presendence over the dsp-controls? or something?

if not, i’ll make a request-thread, because my LFO-autopanner isn’t working as it is supposed to :)

It’s important to remember that you have both a Pre and Post mixer:

The Pre mixer alters the signal before it is processed by the DSP chain, while the Post mixer alters the signal after it has been processed by the DSP chain.

In this case it sounds like you’re simply changing the Pre mixer panning level. The Delay device can still take this hard left signal and pan it hard right again via the L/R Output Pan sliders, which obviously results in sound outputting on the right channel.

The “Mixer” you see in the LFO routing refers to the Pre mixer. The Post mixer cannot be automated in any way, so I would probably suggest that you connect your LFO to a Gainer instead, and auto-pan your signal that way.

thanks for the reply dblue.

i did check out this Pre/Post-things before posting here, but as you say, i soon discovered Post could not be automated. indeed, a gainer would then maybe be the best choice.