[solved] delaying note-off

There are several VSTs I use that are able to generate some really interesting and different sounds when the keys are struck rapidly and the note off comes very quickly compared to when the keys are held down for a bit longer. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to enter notes into the tracker that reproduce this effect. The problem is that even if I put the Note Off on the very next line, it’s just not soon enough. And although the delay column affects the note off, there’s no way (that I know of) to specify a negative delay.

I expect others have run into this as well, and so I have a proposal:

Define a new FX command (e.g., 0Z0x) that causes a Note Off event to occur after a specified number of ticks for all notes in the track. This would allow one to have extremely staccato notes, similar to the 0Cxy sample command, but in a way that is useful for MIDI/VSTi.

I did a little searching and couldn’t find a prior discussion on this. What do you guys think?

I know that setting LPB to 16 can help here, but having per-tick control would be much better, and also avoid having to change your whole composition to 16LPB just to make a few staccato notes.

Regards, Matt

use Cx on either volume or panning column. You can also put a standard note-off command and delay it using the delay column:

note ins vol pan del  
C-4 01 -- -- --   
off -- -- -- -- <== note off at tick 0  
C-4 01 -- -- --   
--- -- C2 -- -- <== note off at tick 2  
C-4 01 -- -- --   
--- -- -- C2 -- <== note off at tick 2  
C-4 01 -- -- --   
off -- -- -- 80 <== note off at the middle of the row  
C-4 01 -- -- --   
off -- -- -- 40 <== note off at 1/4th of the row  

Wow, these work with VSTis too?! :panic: It never occured to me to even try!

Cx is slightly different than note-off, as it sends a note-cut message. For MIDI and VSTi, however, this should simply be the same as note-off, while for sample-based instrument it is different because the volume gets set to zero abruptly