[solved] Dont Play Chords Via Midi In Renoise

Halo Guys!
iam use Rolans sh-201 via USB connection like midi keybord for vst synths but…he dont play chords=(
In Cubase SX3 & Jeskola BUZZ all ok in Renoise only 1 voice when playing in roland keybord.
maybe i dont know something about renoise preference !? :drummer:

when use samples all is simple-choose in sample properties: note continue and ready for playing chords=)

ooo i see. Thank U!
but i have another quastion:
all knobs in roland may use like midi controllers ( he have c# numbers)
and i want use it in VST instruments. rolling CUT OFF in Roland and see effect may rolling in CUT OFF in REfx Vanguard
its real made?

You can map midi controllers to the sliders of the MIDICC device (preferred!) or the Automate device.
Both can be linked to VST instruments and allow you to link their parameters to your external midi controllers.


Midi feedback however is not supported (if you tweak a slider on the mapped slider in Renoise, the external device controller will not move along)

Oh its so simple and quicly!
Im do it and all works!
Thank U Guys for support

why’s midi cc preferred?

I personally prefer it because it is much easier to organize, and I only see the controls I use