[Solved] Downloading Renoise Problems

Hi Guys,

I’m planning on buying Renoise 2.8.1. since I had this program in the past as a trial version and I loved it.

There is however a problem. My computer thinks that the .exe file contains virusses and removes it as soon as I download the file (demo version)
Ofcourse I want to solve this issue before buying the real version.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate and in these kinds of situations it annoys me very much!

More people running into this problem?

What anti-virus software are you running? Try disabling or pausing it when you download the file, then perhaps find a way to add that file to the whitelist/exceptions in your AV program.

Or, find a better AV program :P

Another user recently reported that Norton Power Eraser also detected Renoise 2.8.1, but it’s simply a false positive. These Anti-Virus programs can be over-sensitive sometimes. You can probably (99.99% sure) safely ignore such a detection and tell your AV software to ignore Renoise. Everything you download directly from us at renoise.com is virus-free - if it wasn’t then you’d see our entire community complaining about virus reports every day :)

I know that it is virus free! But the problem is that it gets removed directly by any browser i use to download it with.

Then, as Veggies has already suggested, you’ll need to tweak your anti-virus settings. It may be necessary to completely disable your AV while you download and install Renoise, then white-list the folder that Renoise is installed in before activating the AV again. Or it may be a simple case of white-listing the renoise.com domain name to stop it from eating your downloads.

You’ll simply have to consult the user manual or help file for your chosen AV software, as this will contain more details on what you need to do. This is definitely a problem with your computer/software, not a problem with our server or download process, but hopefully you manage to get it resolved soon!

I had similar issues using Windows Server 2008 on a remote server at work: every .exe file I tried to download got deleted automatically. So this may also be caused by a security restriction on your operative system configuration, but I couldn’t be of specific help here.

I solved it by:

Installing my AntiVirus (Avast)
Disabled Windows Defender

Installing Renoise (Finally bought it! Happy :D)

Re-Installing my AntiVirus
Enabling Windows Defender

Works like a charm!