[solved] DXX/UXX not working?

I’m probably missing something obvious here, but strangely the pitch-shift downwards pattern-command (DXX) doesn’t work in a couple of tracks of a song I’m working on. Using 2.8.1 in windows and the song has been updated in the song settings a while ago, I’m not using groups or have note-events in multiple columns over in the same track where the command has lost its effect.

The sample is a simple kickdrum, no autoseek, instrument envelopes or beatsyncing going on. Other commands like CXX or PXX seem to work, UXX also hasn’t got any influence…what’s up here??

Is there a limit to how many times and/or in how many tracks you can use those particular commands?


yeah this thread can be deleted :D , because of the dsp chain I was using, and the relative small length in time of the kickdrum, the pitch effects weren’t audible. Disabling the vst effects & placing some loop points in the kick revealed the pitch commands do work. N00bin outta control :yeah: