[solved] ex/import Midi-mappings On Osx

i am not able to export or import midi-mappings on osx 10.4 tiger which is a bit sad as i have to do all my mapping for every song seperately :)

edit: sorry, no bug!

Works just fine here. Could please let us know what exactly “doesn’t work” means in your case?

Please note that you can only im/export “global” mappings like transport start/stop sequence/track muting and so on.

Track Dsp Parameter mappings will not get ex/imported because it does not make much sense to do so. Every song has a unique set of tracks & DSPS so Renoise would have to “guess” to which DSPs you want to apply the loaded ones…

sorry - was my mistake! i was oviously to stupid to find my exportet mappings!

No prob. ;)

I’d just like to comment that although I understand the difficulty in Renoise determining which MIDI mappings go with which DSP, I don’t think this means that im/exporting doesn’t make much sense to do… it just means it doesn’t make sense to save all of a song’s DSP’s MIDI mappings at once into a file.

Danoise informed me that saving a DSP chain saves the MIDI mappings along with it. I didn’t have success in making that work, but assuming it does, what would be even more helpful is being able to save the MIDI mapping of an individual DSP device just like you can save the fader values/settings of a DSP device (it would probably make sense to have these saved separately from each other). This way a MIDI mapping can be paired with an external controller when loading a new song easily rather than re-mapping it each time.

Taking the idea a step further, including a method to dynamically enable a DSP device’s MIDI mappings would allow you to have multiple instances of the same DSP device mapped to the same controller, but only having one controlled at a time. As controllers get more advanced and use LED’s/motorized faders/displays this will become more and more important to implement easily.

Just a few thoughts,

Todd Keebs