[solved/fixed] Modulation Pitch tracker question

What values does the pitch tracker send? I dont get it. I thought, when i set a range from C1 to C3, then C1 is -1 and C3 is 1 in bipolar mode. But this is not the case in my tests when i use different notes than C.

e.G. when i set the range from F#1 to F#3, then F#2 is not 0 and F#3 is not 1.

Yes, that’s how it should work. The final output depends on how you combine/apply the value too though. Got a small example for us?

Its pretty strange. I’ve attached an instrument. Why is on C-6 still little abit space in the pitch envelope and why is C-5 not centered?

That’s indeed slightly off. May happen when changing the min/max valus with the sliders. They may then internally not be !exactly! C-4 and C-6, but use some fractional values. Will fix that so that you get and hear what you see.

As a workaround for now, drag reset the keytracker’s range, and then do not use the sliders but precisely enter “C-4” and “C-6”.

Ah, thx. Enter the value manually works fine. I was really confused. :smiley:

This was fixed in the first rc, right?