[solved] GlissEq Overlay not working in Renoise

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up GlissEq so I can compare two different spectrums in one instance of the plugin. From what I’ve understood, it is possible to do this in Renoise because the several instances are communicating with each other (unlike Voxengo SPAN).

Here is a description of what you are supposed to do usually in order to make it work:

-Open several instances of GlissEQ on the different channels, for example “Bass” and “Kick”

-On the “Bass” channel, export “Bass” spectrum to a slot in GlissEq.

-On the “Kick” channel, import “Bass” spectrum in GlissEq.

-You should be seeing two spectrums on this instance of GlissEq.

Here is better description done in Abletonhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_wlUEtV2H0#t=277

But this doesn’t seem to work in Renoise, can anyone help?

I’m using:

-Windows 7 (64 bit)

-Renoise 3 (64 bit)

-GlissEq 3.8 (64 bit)

EDIT: I have turned off the option “Run all plugins in sandboxes”.

I think that you are misunderstanding a bit.

First you should select “Export To [??]” number (any number you like) on the first GlissEQ.

Then you can select the spectrum signal in the second (or an another) instance of GlissEQ.

Or, maybe you are seeing 2 spectrums with the same color already, if so let’s change the color. :wink:

Thanks for the reply. I might be making a stupid mistake but I don’t really understand what you mean by

Then you can select the spectrum signal in the second (or an another) instance of GlissEQ.

I took a screenshot here. The import option from the second instance are grayed out, how should I select the spectrum signal?

Hmm, strange, it works fine here (I’m on win8.1 though). I can select any Import signals from other instances.

Maybe, if you have not reload GlissEQs yet after you’ve change the “Run all plugins in sandboxes” setting in Renoise, try reloading GlissEQs again. The sandbox option should be OFF, indeed.

:excl: [Edit] Oooh, seeing your screenshot, there are (→64bit) marks beside the plugin’s name. It means GlissEQs are sandboxed still (i.e. plugin bridge is acting). Maybe you need reloading GlissEQs or make sure that you are using 64bit version of GlissEQ. :excl:

Yep that was the problem, I had to reload everything. Thanks for the help, it works fine now.