[solved] Grouping Tracks

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me!

I quickly asked this in the renoise chat channel but the friendly folks only confirmed what I thought.

I’d simply like to group my tracks so I can manipulate them more easily. You’re supposed to be able to drag one track into another to create a group or press Ctrl+g. Neither of these methods ae working for me though. :(/>

I’ve probably hit a setting somewhere stopping me from being able to do it. Any ideas? I’m on Renoise 2.8.




have you tried right-click->“Insert Group” on a track? Once you have a group, you can drag tracks into it.

The shortcut should work though.

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make sure the pattern editor has focus (for example middle mouse click in it) when you try the shortcut.

Thanks guys, I’ve just tried these methods again and it doesn’t work. Right clicking on a track doesn’t even give me the option to insert a group. :(

Just to confirm, I’m using 2.8 not 3.0…But this feature should be in 2.8 right?

Yep, the feature itself was introduced in 2.8. You can see it being used in my demo song ‘Syntechtic Sugar’, for example. Can you load that up and see what happens?

Ugh, guys I’m an idiot. I was sure I was using 2.8 as this was the licence I bought ages ago. Turns out I was still using 2.7.2.

I’ve upgraded to 3.0 now and low and behold there are the options for grouping tracks.

The funny thing is, I could have sworn I managed to group tracks before but I guess I must have confused myself with send tracks :lol:

Time to go and take the dunce hat and sit in the corner.

Thanks for the help though!


That indeed sounds funny, because you can’t group send tracks in 2.7 either

Sorry I meant the send track effect which is found in the vst effects in the bottom left. I used that on multiple tracks for ducking everything but the snare.

I think my problem is I go renoise mad for about three weeks and then I don’t come back to it for a couple of months and I have to remember where I left off. :)