[solved] Gxx command slower in 3.1 with layered samples



hem… me again … :unsure: (sorry).

I’ve found a bug with the glide pattern command (GXX).

It is somehow slower , too slow.


Just play the attached song (featuring a simple emulated guitar solo :guitar: with some Gxx glide commands) under Windows + Renoise 3.0.1 (32 bits version)

Then replay it under Windows + Renoise 3.1.0b1 (32 bits version).

Most of the glided notes sound wrong when played with the new Renoise 3.1.0b1 playback routines :blink:.

It causes true backward compatability problems with some of my previous renoise modules.


Thanx ! :walkman:

The glide command was actually bugged in 3.0.1 — it was incorrectly being applied multiple times on instruments that played multiple samples in unison.

The bug has been fixed now in 3.1, with the unfortunate side effect that older glides will now sound too slow, proportional to the number of samples being layered. You will therefore need to compensate the glide commands when initially importing 3.0 songs into 3.1. (We’re thinking about how to handle this automatically, but it’s not in place yet)

Please see taktik’s comment on it here:

Okay I understand

I think that the glide command was probably broken even before the R3, because all my older modules using stacked samples (especially those made with some early version of the Resynth Tool) truely need to be fixed now…

Thanx again