[solved] How do I find which preset I used in 32 bit VST

Hi, I’ve installed some 64 bit VSTs (principally Z3TA+2) and had written some songs with the 32bit versions, but when I now load them, they don’t find the 64 bit version of Z3TA+2, as they are expecting it to be called Z3TA+2, not Z3TA+2_64.
Is there a way for me to open the .rns file in Notepad++ or something like that, to find the name of the preset I used? Sorry if this has been asked before.

Copy your xrns file for backup purposes, then rename it to zip and extract the song.xml from it, in there, rename every Z3TA+2 to Z3TA+2_64, perhaps also change the Plugin ID to the respective 64-bit plugin ID.
Then repack your xml file back intp the zip and rename back to .xrns.

If you are really speaking of an old .rns file, this is a binary format which you can’t edit.

Many thanks vV, I thought the data must be somewhere in the .rns file, I’ll give it a go!

Edit: - it worked perfectly, thanks vV! Now I can finally play all those old songs I was working on.