[solved] How do I stop Renoise from re-numbering my patterns?

If I insert a new pattern, and I have 5 patterns, I expect the new pattern to be labeled “6” no matter where I insert it. How do I do this? How do I get the old behavior?

Truly, when I’m working on a song, pattern 5 should always be pattern 5. It shouldn’t suddenly change simply because I wanted to add a new part.

Oh McPants.

Oh, I was just thinking—if there isn’t a way to stop it from doing that, is there maybe a script thingy (I forgot what they’re called on here, it’s what I loaded in to allow me to do pornamento on notes, fully in my control, there are so many of these things available for Renoise, many are made by people here on the forum–I got wonderful help from someone here, sorry I didn’t look up the post to see the name of who helped me out so much with that, but it was awesome) that might put a number in the description area of each new pattern I create, so I can ignore the behavior that Renoise does by default and just pay attention to the numbers the script puts into the descriptions?

right mouse click sequencer list and select ’ keep sequence sorted’?

Awesome, thanks. That took care of it. Awesome awesome!