[solved] How I can change the filter frequency in the instrument effects randomly in a certain interval?


New to Renoise (have been playing with it sometimes), I am wondering how I can modulate a filter frequency in the instrument effects section with constant random values at a certain frequency (each bar for example).



Hi @neutron, welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure what you exactly mean. Filter frequency of what, a native Renoise filter module? Do you refer to a native Renoise instrument or a VST/AU? To randomize things, you could use a LFO.

Hi!Thanks, I am gonna go through the presentation soon. :wink:

Yes I am talking about modulating a filter frequency of a Renoise instrument, I want it to have a different value each bar (choosen randomly), so it would be like a discrete sample & hold with 1 bar frequency.
I don’t want that frequency to change over the course of the bar, only to get a different value at each bar.

Thanks. I want the frequency to stay constant during the course of the bar, and take a different value at each bar, kind of like a discrete sample & hold with 1 bar frequency, so this does not do exactly what I am looking for.

You can use the LFO device in track, double click the speed number and enter exact number of lines per bar with keyboard…let it control the cutoff (via macro if inside instrument). don’t forget to put LFO reset into pattern so it will be in sync.

EDIT: could also use LFO with speed set to INF and then enter a reset command in pattern every bar

But I personally would rather use automation, generate random points and delete all unnessecary. So I know it will never sound odd and always the same, and if I don’t like some part I could just change the passage…


I like the LFO speed set to INF trick, but you are right, I didn’t know I could generate random automation points and that seems the best approach.

Great, thanks!
I admit I am not yet familiar with the LPC notation for the LFO, it’s confusing me a bit (as for many other newbies that didn’t read the manual I guess :sweat_smile:)

Okay, so that depends on my segmentation of the beat? (I mean the second number after the tempo), that means if I have a high number of lines per beat at a fixed tempo, the same LPC will go faster than if I had a lower number of lines per beat at the same tempo?
If that makes sense :sweat_smile: