[Solved] Keybindings.xml Just Loading As Blank

I viewed source and it looks like all the info’s there, but the page is just blank when in loads up.

I’m using Chrome and opening it straight from the “Print” button in the Preference window.

It’s a known problem with Chrome. It enforces a security restriction that doesn’t allow XML stylesheets to be loaded from the local filesystem. You’ll simply have to use an alternate browser to view the KeyBindings.xml at the moment.

Aww dang. Well that’s silly. Thanks.

Yep. It’s related to potential cross-domain attacks. Since your local file system doesn’t really have a proper domain as far as Chrome is concerned, it disallows the .xslt to be loaded from this ‘foreign’ domain, even though the files are sitting right there in the same damn folder.

You can ‘fix’ the problem by putting the files on a web server and viewing them in Chrome that way. If you have a DropBox account, you can actually put the .xml and .xslt files into your public folder, then copy the public url for your KeyBindings.xml and view that in Chrome.

Pretty silly stuff.


Google and security.
Frankly, Google and whatever, they suck at everything but it seems lot of IE users got fed up with the Microsoft browser.

This doesn’t seem to work using gdrive (instead of dropbox) with the above instructions. It just gives me a dl option (plus ‘unable to view’). Can anyone confirm? If I use FF and throw the .xml onto a page it renders text but with no formatting (or binding info). Now I’m thinking of looking for a utility… Any thought to changing the file format from .xml to .html? Would save everyone a lot of grief.

Edit: I finally got something usable by uploading the .xml to this online conversion to excel (.xls) tool.
Render and navigate to the Keybinding tab sheet and…presto! All keybindings in a nice, ordered list.

i was just about to view the keybindings too. as luck would have it im on chrome. why couldnt these live in a text file? aren’t .txt files the same file structure on all platforms?

wah wah wah :slight_smile: