[Solved] Keyboard Shortcuts In Preferences : Insert/Delete Columns ?

Hi Renoise Team,

I didn’t found “Insert/Delete Columns” in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. Could you add it please in the next version ?

Thank you and greetings,


Please: the old ideas & suggestions forum still exists. I know those things are important to you, but we all have things that are importnat to us. Should we all now repost them here into the 2.6 forum to give them some extra attention? This idea really has nothing to do with the 2.6, so please post them into the general ideas & suggestions forum.

Pattern Editor => Track Control => Increase Number of Columns
Pattern Editor => Track Control => Decrease Number of Columns

Look at that, It-Alien went back in time and added it into previous version! That’s what I call rapid development. :rolleyes:

I’ve scripted them :P