[Solved] Line-In Question

I recently got an Akai EIE Pro audio interface and have been trying it out with Renoise :)

Renoise sees the first two ASIO inputs but cannot see inputs 3 & 4. I’ve tried using the line-in device but it only let’s me choose inputs 1 & 2.

Anyway I thought I had broken hardware, contacted Akai (Numark) and they basically said try it in Cubase - (They said they did not support Renoise. Try another DAW etc… Thanks Akai!)

So I was stuck as I’m not a fan of Cubase. Then I thought about seeing if Reason could detect anything. Reason let me enable inputs 3 & 4 and got a valid audio feed through on those channels.

Is there a way I can get Renoise to see the missing ASIO channels too?

Go to: Preferences > Audio

Disable the option: Limit to stereo in/out


Thanks a lot - that worked perfectly :)